2009 Vancouver Peace Summit

It’s been one year since the Dalai Lama Center welcomed His Holiness and over twenty leaders of social change to the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit. The event has inspired changes, both big and small, in the lives of people in many corners of the world. With the links below, you'll learn about some of these changes.

Along with never-before-seen photos and video, you’ll hear from some of the Summit participants as well as from some of the people whose lives have changed after attending the Summit.

Inspired by the Vancouver Peace Summit, Gloria Fester of Milden, Saskatchewan, introduced a small symbol of compassion to her backyard.

If you'd like to bring home the words of the Summit, you can purchase a number of commemorative items, including bookmarks, postcards and complete transcripts of all four dialogues. Free downloads of dialogue summaries are also available.