Caring for You Workshop- October 22, 2021

Why Focus on Self-Care?

It’s good for you!

Self-care encompasses and nourishes our whole beings (heart, mind, body, spirit) and it 's good for others too.

It’s much easier to help grow someone else’s Heart-Mind Well-Being/social emotional skills if you have them yourself.

It’s hard to help kids feel secure if you are feeling anxious and stressed out.

Or teach peaceful problem solving if you have a hard time managing conflict.

And, have you ever successfully learnt to be kind from someone who is, themselves, not kind?

Research shows that the social and emotional competence of the teacher/messenger plays a big role in whether kids are able to learn these life skills.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn about Heart-Mind Well-Being.
  • Explore self-care strategies including self-compassion, breathing exercises, mindfulness, gratitude and happiness practices, and stress management techniques.
  • Identify ways of integrating Heart-Mind well-being and self-care strategies in their own lives.

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