Workshop Option

In lieu of attending the Small Group Sessions, you may register in advance for a special interest workshop that will deepen your understanding and develop your skills related to kindness in children.

Registrants who select the 3-day Package with WORKSHOP Option may attend one workshop session in lieu of the Saturday small group sessions and facilitated conversations. If you select this registration option, you will be asked for your workshop preference during the checkout process. The Dalai Lama Center will contact you to confirm the availability of your preferred workshop. 

3-day Package with Workshop Option registrants will begin Saturday with a plenary session in the Old Auditorium (also referred to as 'the Auditorium'). Following the plenary, registrants will move to Buchanan Building (blocks A, B and D) to begin their workshop at 10:00 AM. Individual workshop end times vary, but most will conclude between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. Lunch will be provided.

Please register in advance. Due to the popularity of these workshops and the limited seats available, Heart-Mind 2014 attendees may not be able to switch to the workshop option, or change their workshop selection, once the conference begins.



When registering for the 3-day Package with Workshop Option.

Building a Curriculum of Caring

Half-day Workshop

This workshop is designed for educators, counselors, and administrators who are interested in promoting a climate of caring and connectedness, as well as to parents who are keen on raising kind and socially responsible children. The workshop will focus on Social and Emotional Learning best practice processes and interventions in classrooms and in homes. The focus will be on outlining classroom structures and processes that provide a culture that emphasizes cooperation and community building, and on providing lesson resources on forgiveness, kindness, mindfulness and self-­‐regulation.  Participants will learn about classroom and environmental structures, processes and teaching resources that emphasize the importance of kindness as a requisite skill for success.

Presented by Stacey Burnard, M.A., MBA, B.Ed., Social Emotional Learning Consultant at the Department of Education in the Yukon Territory. With a background in clinical psychology, Stacey has worked in the field of education for 20 years. She has held positions in the areas of special education, behavioural intervention, and educational psychology.


Discovering Kindness in Your Community: It Starts with You!

All-day Workshop

This workshop is intended for those who would like to learn about how to create environments that foster kindness in self and others. Participants will be introduced to the Heart-Mind Inquiry, a highly inclusive and impactful change process that promotes environments which foster kindness in children. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will become familiar with the Heart-Mind Inquiry principles and processes, will experience some tools for discovering how we learn and develop kindness in our lives, and will consider application of this appreciative approach to change within their own settings.

Presented by Lynn Green, Corine Clark, Chris Kelly, Nancy Hinds. Over Lynn’s forty year career as an educator and administrator in public education, social and emotional learning, social responsibility, organizational change and leadership development have been constant themes. As CEO of the Dalai Lama Center, Lynn led the development of strategic directions and programs designed to impact the heart-mind well-being of children. Following her retirement, Lynn continues to support the Center’s mission by leading the Heart-Mind Inquiry Project.

Corine  co-facilitated with Lynn Green a Heart-Mind Inquiry Institute for the Dalai Lama Center in Trail, BC. Her consultative work has focused on leadership, facilitation skills, professional learning and organizational change within a number of school districts, organizations and universities in BC and in the Yukon.

Chris  is an educator who has served in senior administrative positions in three school districts, most recently as Superintendent in Vancouver School District. Amongst several leadership and consulting roles Chris continues to contribute as a Senior Consultant, DLC Programs and in this role participated in co-designing the Heart-Mind Inquiry.

Nancy is an educational consultant who is currently working as a facilitator and coach with school districts, the Justice Institute of BC, and the Masterful Facilitation Institute. Nancy has a passion for processes that empower participants, build community, and support high levels of learning engagement, such as inquiry and dialogue.


Kindness in the Classroom

Full-day Workshop

This workshop is designed for educators (teachers, administrators, school counselors, and PBIS co-ordinators). The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAK) will share lesson plans, tips and tools that directly meet social and emotional standards. The program has completed its third year of research studying the efficacy of teaching kindness in the classroom, and the results are extremely encouraging. Participants will receive valuable information on how to create and sustain a culture of kindness in their school and classroom, and they will come away with multiple tools and free materials which can be implemented immediately in their school.

Presented by Brooke Jones and Marilyn Decalo. As the Vice President for RAK, Brooke is responsible for managing strategic partnerships, website, social media, outreach, and new initiatives for the foundation.  She has worked in municipal government, healthcare, and the fine arts industry.

As RAK’s Education Director, Marilyn develops and manages its education programs, research projects, pilot study and school relations, and educational materials for website delivery. She has developed and implemented outreach education programs for the University of Colorado in school districts and communities throughout Colorado.


Mind the Heart! Emotions that Happen in the Care for Children

Half-day Workshop

This workshop is designed for parents, teachers, and caregivers of children. It invites an inquiry into emotions- learning the science behind emotions, exploring everyday emotions and our relationships with them, understanding the cycle of an emotional reaction, and discussing some strategies for regulating, and teaching children about emotions. Because our ability to recognize and successfully navigate teaching moments about emotions is closely connected to a healthy understanding and relationship with our own emotions, participants will be asked to reflect on their own experiences of emotions during the workshop. Strategies for fostering emotional skills and enhancing emotional well-being of self and children, will be discussed.

Presented by Angela Low, a Vancouver-based parent education consultant and workshop facilitator, supporting families in building awareness and growth of emotional competencies. She is also a researcher at UBC, studying the development of social and emotional competencies within the family context.


Teacher’s Tools for Self-Kindness: 4 Meditation Skills to Make Life Smoother

Half-day Workshop

This interactive workshop delivers 4 must-have, super-practical meditation skills that can reduce personal stress levels and ramp up amusement in everyday life. It is applicable for people totally new to meditation and mindfulness, as well as those with experience. Participants will acquire easy techniques for managing daily challenges and enriching relationships. These techniques will help participants create even kinder, calmer homes and classrooms for kids.

Presented by Jacqueline Voci & Cathy Belgrave . Jacqueline is a writer, communications consultant, and Lightwork meditation teacher. Jacqueline sits on committees for the Dalai Lama Center for Peace & Education and Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. She has presented to community groups, associations, colleges and companies on the power of storytelling.

Cathy is an elementary school teacher who has worked with children in classrooms, recreation centres and hospitals for the past 25 years. She is a Lightwork meditation teacher who also offers creative writing classes for children and adults. Cathy blends her meditation and teaching skills to help other educators create calmer, kinder classrooms.