October 2, 2015

  • with Kim Schonert-Reichl

    We are social animals wired to connect from before we are born. Dr. Schonert-Reichl unravels recent research findings and discusses what they tell us about how to create contexts where children experience human connection – and flourish. more

  • with Alexandra Samuel

    In this talk, Alexandra Samuel shares new research on how thousands of parents address the challenge of parenting in the digital world, and offers a roadmap for parents who want their kids to cultivate meaning, relationship and authenticity in their experiences online and off.  more

  • with Hannah Berry

    Hannah Berry is an award winning spoken word poet and musician, and an avid writer and reader. Always in pursuit of a more balanced life, she loves to explore ways of educating herself and others in creative and fulfilling ways, such as through poetry. more

  • with Rob Roeser

    Dr. Robert Roeser's talk will focus on how the Millennial Generations (those born from 1980 to the present) are unique in human history with regard to "growing up on-line", and how mindfulness may play an important role in keeping young people grounded in "here and now" at the same time new technologies allow them to be any where, at any time. more

  • with Amori Mikami

    Most children and teenagers use social media to communicate with peers naturally and easily. Meanwhile, their parents and teachers can feel mystified by the technology at times and may wonder how to possibly understand this new world. Researcher and Clinical psychology professor Amori Mikami offers some compelling insights and practical strategies to help parents and educators stay involved and abreast of children's online social communication. more

  • with Jennifer Shapka

    Dr. Jennifer Shapka believes that cyberbullying, while mediated through technology, is ultimately about social relationships. To this end, Dr. Shapka will talk about ways in which parents and educators can help children and youth navigate online interactions in socially responsible ways. more

  • with Deborah MacNamara

    The digital world is here to stay, changing our society in a way that has far-reaching consequences for our children. What are the implications for raising children? How do we harness the spectacular connecting potential and yet avoid the pitfalls of attachment technology gone awry?  more

  • with Shelley Moore

    We are constantly surrounded by information and technology and sometimes miss the good old days of low tech communication like writing letters and film photography! But it we look to technology as a connector and not a reactor, we may start to see how we can use it to help us collect the stories and perspectives we may not have known about, before the days of internet and the digital world.  more

October 3, 2015

  • with Peter Senge

    KEYNOTE: Dr. Peter Senge is an American systems scientist who is a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, co-faculty at the New England Complex Systems Institute, and the founder of the Society for Organizational Learning.  more

  • A unique opportunity to engage in facilitated conversations with our Heart-Mind 2014 speakers on the ever-changing landscape of social interaction in our digital world. more

  • In lieu of attending the Small Group Sessions, you may register in advance for a special interest workshop focusing on the ever-changing landscape of social interaction in our digital world. more