Heart-Mind Well-Being Workshop

Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Join the Dalai Lama Center for a workshop dedicated to learning how to promote Heart-Mind well-Being- in children and youth!

Heart-Mind well-being refers to the balance between educating the mind and educating the heart. While there is a great focus in our society on academic achievement, a growing body of research shows the positive impacts of developing our hearts – the way we relate to one another – and that social/emotional development helps to improve academic success.

In our Heart-Mind Workshops we share current research, scientific knowledge, best practices and practical strategies related to the promotion of social and emotional development in children.

The workshop helps adults explore ways to help children feel secure and calm in their lives, approach situations with curiosity and confidence, solve problems peacefully, get along with others and to be compassionate and kind.

The workshop, which is aligned with the province of British Columbia's new curriculum framework, will appeal to parents and caregivers as well as multisectoral stakeholders working in early childhood, education, social service, health, sports and recreation, and family services.

Facilitated by Jennifer Westoby.

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