A National Symposium for Child Well-being in the Middle Years

How are our children doing right now, and how is this changing over time? The Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) tells us so much, but what else is there to learn? Who can we learn it from? How can we be more effective in our goals of enhancing children’s social and emotional well-being? We think the time to answer these questions is now!

Register today for Collaborative Action: A National Symposium for Child Well-being in the Middle Years and help us answer them. This special, two day event is designed to inspire, motivate and strengthen participant’s leadership skills by focusing on child well-being through a systems-thinking lens. We are excited to gather together leaders in the field of child well-being from across Canada to share research and practice, to learn from each other, and to generate new ideas. Join us to enhance your effectiveness as a champion for child well-being and to network with colleagues from across Canada.

Who should attend?

• Professionals and practitioners whose focus is in whole or part on middle childhood and who are dedicated to promoting child well-being;
• Researchers interested in child development, and social-emotional well-being in middle childhood;
• Those with some interest in and/or familiarity with the MDI who may have experience of working with MDI data; or who may have an intention to start using MDI Data in cross-sectoral local decision making.
• Those from various levels of government (municipalities, school boards, provincial ministries concerned with child well-being, etc.) to familiarize themselves with the national landscape of child well-being and current initiatives; and
• Those who come from locations implementing MDI in British Columbia, The Northwest Territories, and MDI National sites, as well as those who have advised us on the MDI National Scale-out Project 2015-2018.

For more information and to register, visit HELP's event page