Heart-Mind Learning in Action

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Heart-Mind Learning in Action


The Dalai Lama Center is always looking to learn from some of the incredible programs that are educating the hearts of young children. Below you'll find just a few examples of Heart-Mind Learning in action.

Back to Basics with Kids Now

"Our philosophy is simple, you have to let a child know that someone believes in them.” Janet King is Founder of Kids Now Canada, a youth mentorship program in its 13th year. The program revolves around the mission of helping children truly believe in who they are and who they can become.

Through a 12-week program, Kids Now provides kids with success skills, and more importantly role models who repeatedly tell the kids that they are worthy. This little bit of encouragement has gone a long way in supporting over 12,000 youth across Canada. 

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Mindful Families

Sarah Marlowe is a Toronto based mindfulness practitioner who has brought the fundamentals of mindfulness to children and their families. Through creative, explorative, and interactive exercises, Marlowe has found a unique way to teach children to heighten the awareness of their bodies, thoughts and feelings. She says that children are simply naturals.

Combining her imagination and expertise with the openness and curiosity of the kids she works with, Marlowe has seen tremendous results. And in many cases, the ones she truly supports are not even the kids!

How Chess and Magazines Can Open Hearts

Heart to Heart and Knights in Training are two phenomenal peer-to-peer mentor programs based out of Alberta. Heart to Heart is a series of discussions and creative activities designed and tailored for middle school girls. Knights in Training is delivered to boys and uses chess as an analogy for learning life skills.

Both programs are unique in that they are highly responsive to contemporary issues and are led by other students. As issues like cyber-bullying and self-mutilation are on the rise, these programs equip children with the confidence to listen to their inner voice and feel comfortable in their skin. 

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