Heart-Mind 2016 In Profile: Eli Puterman

Eli Puterman is a health psychologist and assistant professor at the University of British Columbia in the School of Kinesiology. He has advanced an innovative model of resiliency that suggests that physical activity and other healthy behaviours can mitigate the negative biological impacts of life course adversities. He has published extensively on how stress can affect us and the benefits of living an active life — and demonstrates how this can help us to be more resilient.

What first inspired you to focus your research on the topic of resilience?

Heart-Mind 2016 In Profile: Shelley Moore

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Shelley Moore’s research interests integrate the theory and practice of inclusive education, special education, curriculum and teacher professional development. She is particularly interested in how students of all abilities can be included meaningfully while also contributing to the learning of their peers.


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Heart-Mind Challenge for New Educators

We invite you to take on a special Heart-Mind Challenge for Educators. Every week for five weeks, we will prompt you to share your expertise, experimentation and excitement about educating the heart. Equipped with background information on various aspects of Heart-Mind well-being, we will collect and publish submitted lesson plans on heartmindonline.org.