Buddhist Technology: Bringing a New Consciousness to Our Technological Future. (October 1997).

This brilliant lecture focuses on the relationship between technology and work, on one hand, and right values and livelihood on the other. Zajonc shows how traditions and culture once provided a right moral context forwork and how that context has been broken apart by the dramatically increasing capacity of amoral technology to replace human work. Citing fascinating examples from literature and mythology, Taoism and Studs Terkel, Zajonc makes a powerful case for the restoration of the links between technology, love, and beauty that must be re-established if we are to be fully human.

Holding Life Consciously. (June 24, 2010).

Zajonc is featured on the radio program Speaking of Faith. (From that link, you can listen online or download it as an mp3 or podcast.) Zajonc sees contemplation as investigating life from the inside—and now it is teaching
him about living with Parkinson's Disease. We hear how he draws on the humanities and meditation to integrate the intellectual and sensory aspects of life.

Bell Sound Meditation.

Zajonc leads us through the practice of listening to this ten-minute guided contemplative meditation. Hosted by the Speaking of Faith website.