Upcoming Heart-Mind Live Webinar - Thriving in a Stressful World- Oct 14, 2021

Heart-Mind Live Webinar - "Thriving in a Stressful World: Practical Ways to Help Ourselves and Our Children Feel Secure And Calm"

Featuring Dr. Marc Brackett, Dr. Farah Shroff & Karen Young

October 14, 2021: 1:30 - 3:00PM PST

As we emerge from the pandemic, stressors are heightened, and anxiety is an ever more common experience. We know from research that stress is “contagious” between adults and kids; therefore addressing the impacts of stress on ourselves is intertwined with our capacity to support the young people in our care. How can we help ourselves and our children to develop a foundation of security and calmness to prevail through the effects of this storm?

Together with our expert panelists, we will explore the role of emotion regulation and the function of anxiety in our lives. In an engaging format, participants will learn ways to help express and regulate their own, and their children’s, emotions, even when our world may feel a little scary and stressful. Panelists will also share practical and holistic strategies that can be most effective in fostering well-being for both ourselves and children.

In this webinar, you will have the opportunity to glean creative, evidence-informed takeaways to help you and the children in your care build resilience and foster a sense of security and calmness. Join us for this 1 ½ hour session, including a dynamic Q&A period.

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