Maureen Dockendorf

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Maureen Dockendorf is the newly appointed BC Superintendent of Early Years. This is a new joint position shared between the Provincial Office for the Early Years and the Ministry of Education and will have a strong focus of working with school districts to strengthen and build upon their work in the early years. This work will further support efforts under the BC Early Years Strategy.

Maureen has worked as a Teacher, SFU Faculty Associate, Principal and Assistant Superintendent and BC Ministry of Education Superintendent of Literacy and Numeracy at the Ministry of Education to support the redesign of curriculum and competency development within the context of the transformational change process in BC's education system. She will continue to support this work from her new role. Maureen is well-known for her work as a conference speaker, an educational author, facilitator, and staff development consultant.  Maureen also works closely with Me to We/Free the Children to coordinate BC educators’ volunteer experiences working with local communities to build schools in Kenya, Ecuador, and India.

Maureen is frequently called upon to provide advice on policy, process and practice in the realms of professional learning, collaborative practice, educational leadership, curriculum implementation and assessment. Maureen has an unwavering commitment to public education and to success for all learners.