Virtual "A Focus on Adolescence" Workshop- Nov 18th, 2020

This interactive, virtual workshop is dedicated to learning how to promote HEART-MIND WELL-BEING in adolescents.

In this Heart-Mind workshop we share current research, scientific knowledge, best practices and practical strategies related to the promotion of social and emotional development in teens.

The workshop helps adults explore ways to help teenagers feel secure and calm in their lives, approach situations with curiosity and confidence, solve problems peacefully, get along with others and to be compassionate and kind.

Participants will:

  • Explore the key characteristics of the teenage brain
  • Explore developmentally appropriate strategies for promoting well-being
  • Reflect on their own approach and/or parenting style in areas related to limit and boundary setting,  and maintaining connection through effective communication with adolescents

The workshop will appeal to parents and caregivers as well as multisectoral stakeholders working in education, social service, health, sports and recreation, and family services.

Facilitated by Cathryn McPhee. Find out more and register here