Heart-Mind in Schools

Workshop Description

This new professional development workshop for educators links the BC revised educational curriculum core competencies areas of Social Emotional Learning with DLC’s Heart-Mind Well-Being (HMWB) Framework.  By assisting participants in lesson planning, assessment and exploration of core competencies through the lens of the 5 domains embedded within the HMWB framework, this workshop supports educators in teaching social and emotional skills both directly and indirectly in their classrooms by engaging in:

  • overview of the evidence-based Heart-Mind Well-Being Framework
  • practical exploration of relevant online resources available on Heart-Mind Online 
  • overview of curriculum linking tools
  • review grade specific Quick Reference guides
  • practical application using lesson plan template

Workshop Objectives

1. Familiarize participants with Heart-Mind Well-Being ( HMWB) Framework and Heart-Mind Online Website.

2. Provide information about latest research in Social Emotional Learning.

3. By exploring newly developed HMWB/ Revised Curriculum linking tools and resources, engage educators in exploring curriculum SEL core competencies areas through the lens for HMWB Framework.

4. Actively explore practical resources,  tools and strategies to help foster student’s HMWB and ways to integrate new learning in classrooms.

Length of Time

This workshops is 2.5-3 hours in length, however it can be adapted if needed.

Intended Audience

Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Educators, school based support and resource staff, and other school roles. 

We gratefully acknowledge the instrumental support of the Vancouver Foundation for our Heart-Mind in Schools pilot project, as we work towards system wide social emotional learning practices for students and educators at schools throughout BC.