Secure and Calm Workshop

Workshop Description

We know from research that the early years (0-6) are a critical time for the development of self-regulation, a time when responses to stress are “wired” creating patterns that can be hard to change later in life. What matters most in these early years is for children to feel safe and secure, and helped by caregivers to calm them down when they are frightened, upset or distressed. When caregivers respond to children’s stress in a caring and calm way, children learn they can ‘get over’ the stress and return to feeling safe and secure again, and they trust that their feelings matter, that comfort is available and that it is worthwhile to work on managing difficult emotions.

Through the lens of DLC’s Heart-Mind Well-Being (HMWB) framework, this workshop presents the latest science and practice promoting young children’s capacity to be Secure and Calm and learn strategies for self regulation. Secure and Calm is one of the five positive human quality embedded in the HMWB framework. DLC has taken the lead on translating and sharing emerging research that aims to shine a light on how to promote the Heart-Mind well-being of young children in communities across B.C.

This 3 hour workshop is designed as an advanced level workshop that seeks to deepen participant understanding of Heart-Mind well-being, and provide practical tools for fostering HMWB in practice. Thus it was designed with the assumption that participants have prior knowledge and experience of the HMWB framework.

Workshop Objectives

1. Review and deepen participant understanding of HMWB.

2. Develop strategies for creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

3. Explore a toolkit of practical tools for promoting HMWB, with a particular focus on Secure and Calm,  and learn about the science behind the tools and practice using them.

4. Experience how mindfulness can be integrated into daily activities.

5. Make personal connections to the work of promoting HMWB.

Length of Time

This workshop is 3 hours in length, however could be adapted if needed.

Intended Audience

Early Childhood Educators (ECE), Primary Educators, Caregivers, Family Resource Staff,  other ECE professionals.

Heart-Mind Well-Being:  Secure and Calm Three Part Series        

Workshop Description

This series of workshops provides service providers with resources and tools they can use in their programs with parents and/or young children to assist them in fostering Heart-Mind well-being. An overview of all five domains of the Heart-Mind Well-Being (HMWB) framework is provided:’ Secure and Calm, Alert and Engaged, Compassionate and Kind, Solves Problems Peacefully and Gets Along with Others. However, there is a greater focus on the domain of ‘Secure and Calm'. Secure and Calm forms the foundation for the development of the other areas of HMWB. When children feel secure and calm, they are able to participate in activities and learning opportunities in order to enhance a wide variety of social and emotional skills. Through support from service providers in their programs, parents and children can learn valuable strategies to feel more secure and calm. Parents can then strengthen the use of these strategies with children in the home. The workshop also encourages self-reflection for participants to focus on their own HMWB and to learn about the important role that it plays in their work with children.

Workshop Objectives

Workshop One - Introduction to Heart-Mind Well-Being

1. Explore and gain personal meaning of Heart-Mind well-being.

2. Familiarize participants to the HMWB framework.

3. Learn about the latest science in children’s social and emotional development.

4. Understand the importance of promoting HMWB in childhood.

5. Identify the ways participants intentionally promote HMWB in their work and practices, and identify additional opportunities to do so.

Workshop Two - An Experiential and Reflective Process

1. Increase participant awareness of their own HMWB.

2. Develop awareness of the individual and collective capacity to promote HMWB.

3. Find personal meaning and value in the work of promoting HMWB.

4. Deepen participant understanding of emotions and their role in HMWB.

5. Provide a fun learning environment for participants to feel energized, re-invigorated, and  joyful.

Workshop Three - Putting Secure and Calm Into Practice 

1. Explore best practices for creating a safe and supportive learning environment/spaces.

2. Identify possible solutions to concerns and challenges around promoting HMWB in various environments including work and other practices.

3. Familiarize participants with Secure and Calm Toolkit and explore ways of promoting HMWB through Toolkit strategies.

4. Learn about the science behind the Secure and Calm tools and practice using tools and strategies with other participants.

5. Experience how mindfulness can be integrated into daily activities.

Length of Time

Each of the 3 workshops is 3 hours in length, however they can be adapted if needed.

Intended Audience

Early Childhood Educators (ECE), Primary Educators, Caregivers, Family Resource Staff,  other ECE professionals.