Workshop Option

In lieu of attending the Small Group Sessions, you may register in advance for a special interest workshop that will deepen your understanding and develop your skills related to mindfulness in children.

Registrants who select the 3-day Package with WORKSHOP Option may attend one workshop session in lieu of the Saturday small group sessions and facilitated conversations. If you select this registration option, you will be asked for your workshop preference during the checkout process. The Dalai Lama Center will contact you to confirm the availability of your preferred workshop. 

3-day Package with Workshop Option registrants will begin Saturday with a plenary session in the Old Auditorium (also referred to as 'the Auditorium'). Following the plenary, registrants will move to Buchanan Building (blocks A, B and D) to begin their workshop at 10:00 AM. Individual workshop end times vary, but most will conclude between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. Lunch will be provided.

WORKSHOP-ONLY registrants should arrive at the Buchanan Building (blocks A, B and D) ready to begin their workshop at 10:00 AM. (Workshop-only registrants do not have access to the Saturday morning plenary.) Individual workshop end times vary, but most will conclude between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. Lunch will be provided.

Please register in advance. Due to the popularity of these workshops and the limited seats available, Heart-Mind 2013 attendees may not be able to switch to the workshop option, or change their workshop selection, once the conference begins.


When registering for the 3-day Package with Workshop Option.

Helping Anxious Children: A Workshop for Parents, Caregivers and Families

This workshop will help parents and primary caregivers to better recognize the signs and developmental themes of anxiety in children. Approaches to supporting anxious children will be explored through an attachment theory lens, through Cognitive-Behavioural Theory (CBT), which is used in the FRIENDS for Life program, and through Mindfulness-based approaches , such as those used in the MindUP Program. 

MARS-A One-Day Workshop for Adolescent Care Providers

Mindful Awareness and Resilience Skills for Adolescents (MARS-A) is an 8-week hospital-based outpatient program for adolescents with depressive symptoms, with or without co-occurring chronic illness or chronic pain. The workshop will follow a format inspired by the Day of Mindfulness in the MARS-A program. Participants will experience a series of formal and informal mindfulness practices as offered to the adolescents in MARS-A. The workshop will briefly review the background and science behind MARS-A, discuss special issues in working with youth, and demonstrate the teaching content used in MARS-A around stress, depression and pain.

MindUP Workshop

The research-based MindUP program offers engaging and easy-to-implement lessons to help pre-K to Grade 8 students develop essential social and emotional skills, such as self-awareness and self-regulation that they need to be more engaged in learning. Participants will:
  • Get to know the program concepts and 15 lesson plans; 
  • Participate in several lesson activities; 
  • Learn strategies for implementing MindUP in classrooms; 
  • Explore ways of introducing MindUP into lesson plans.

A Taste of SMART in Education

This workshop will present an overview of the 8-week Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques (SMART) renewal program designed for K-12 educators and administrators, and will include experiential practices in emotional awareness, meditation, and movement exercises.  There will be a mixture of dyads, small- group and large-group discussions, as well as guided meditations and didactic presentations on emotion theory.  Exercises will be shared on how to apply these practices, specifically to the classroom.

CARE for Teachers

The goals of this workshop, Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE) for Teachers, are: looking at what mindfulness is and how it can be applied to supporting resilience in teachers; and demonstrate some components of a mindfulness approach to enhance social and emotional competence in teachers and to improve the climate of the classroom. Skills presented in this workshop will help teachers cultivate calmness, awareness, presence, compassion, empathy and the ability to listen. In the classroom these qualities improve the teacher's classroom management, curricular implementation and relationships with their students. CARE offers instruction in cognitive and emotion skills that help reduce stress by promoting understanding, recognition and regulation of emotion. Drawing on current findings in the field of neuroscience, it introduces teachers to mindful awareness practices, beginning with short periods of silent reflection, and extending to role-playing and other exercise that bring mindful awareness to the challenging situations teachers often encounter.