5 Heart-Mind Online Resources for Back-to-School

Check out the latest evidence-informed learning resources for parents and teachers at heartmindonline.org. Here are 5 back-to-school resources to help you get into the swing of the new school year.

Lesson Plan: Create Group Safety
Safety is always a concern, whether it's in the playground, crossing the street, or in the classroom. This lesson plan will help build trust between classmates and help everyone to look out for each other.

Heart-Mind Conversations for Parent Advisory Councils
How can your PAC help your school become a Heart-Mind community? This resource provides guidance on how heartmindonline.org can help, including monthly focus exercises to keep you engaged throughout the year.

Creating a Family Screen-time Agreement the Heart-Mind Way
Getting kids to focus on school right after summer vacation is never easy, but establishing boundaries on screen time and being active in your kids' online lives can really help. Here are some practical tips.

10 Games to Boost Attention and Focus
Here are 10 games that younger kids love to play, and which have the added bonus of boosting their attention and focus while developing group skills and cognitive functions.

Download the Heart-Mind Well-Being Poster
Keeping Heart-Mind well-being at the forefront of your practice and in your students' minds helps reinforce positive behaviour. Download the colourful Heart-Mind well-being poster and put it up in your classroom, workspace, or at home.

by David Samis


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