Being Brave in Complex Times

We could all use a little Bravery right now.

For me to tap into the bravest and best version of myself, I know I can't just "tough it out" and immerse myself in the press releases and COVID-19 counts, nor can I live in the Land of Denial - (which is admittedly a tempting place to visit right now).

Neither of these are great options, so here are 3 things that not only help me, but they are helping us as an organization to adapt to our shared new reality.

Finding Inspiration & Gratitude, Facing Worries, and Helping.

What Inspires Me?

On Facebook, we have been asking people to share the "Random Acts of Mind Well-Being" they are seeing in the community. If you look for them, you will see they are everywhere.

This video from the Belfast COVID-19 Response Team is one of the best perspectives on "social distancing" I've seen.

I also subscribe to Some Good News with John Krasinski and the Good News Network, which helps me keep my perspective.

Personally, I have so many reasons to be grateful and I make sure to spend time thinking about them every day. This time will pass, and I am realizing that there are actually things I will miss about this unique time.

What Worries Me?

It's important to face our worries and fears.....and to identify our emotions in order to deal with them rather than allow them to elude us (I learned this from the world-renowned expert and author Dan Siegel - see our resource Name it to Tame It if you want to learn more).

People need Heart-Mind Well-Being in their lives even more now, and many parents are trying to juggle the demands of working from home with children at their feet. Or being worried about elderly parents. Or not knowing how to keep the family finances together. Or for some - all of these.

For our Team, we have been supporting each of our unique situations that have arisen during this crisis - checking in daily by video (so we can see faces and smile at each other), and having frequent discussions about how this crisis might affect our work and organization. But we have been gaining strength from the relevance and need for our work, which brings me to the next step.....

What Are We Doing to Help?

We immediately launched "Eight Days of Heart-Mind Medicine for Complex Times", and we have been producing relevant Social Media content and new Heart-Mind Online resources for what parents need now.

We have also recently launched a blog from one of our team members, Mikaela Hudson, on how she is managing being isolated as a single mom, with her 2 year old daughter: "Nurture Calm & Carry On: Stories from the Home".

We have been asking for people to share the Random Acts of Well-Being they are seeing in the community (see link above).

If you would like to help us provide these resources, and many more, please consider making a Donation to our work, or becoming a Monthly Donor.

I believe that the world will weather this storm and become stronger by nurturing and practicing all the qualities of Heart-Mind Well-Being......being Secure & Calm, Alert & Engaged, Solving Problems Peacefully, Getting Along with Others and being Compassionate & Kind.

My hope (and optimistic prediction), is that this crisis will strengthen these qualities in us and our families, and will continue to reap benefits and help us shine brighter when the clouds of COVID-19 have passed.

Today, you could be standing next to someone who is trying their best not to fall apart, so whatever you do today, do it with kindness in your heart. (from Think Aloud)


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