Connecting for Change making a difference: Saddam's story

The DLC recently spoke to Dr. Robert Kalyesubula of the African Community Center for Social Sustainability (ACCESS) about his successful experience at Connecting for Change that resulted in acquiring necessary equipment for his medical clinic in Uganda donated by MedWish.

There was, however, another success for Dr. Robert at Connecting for Change. The 120 attendees of the dialogue were so moved by his efforts that they donated, out of pocket, $330 to ACCESS. That might not seem like a lot, but take a look at the second installment of a three-part series on what Dr. Robert was able to do with that donation.


Saddam Mutyaba is 11 yrs old. He was living with his mother who abandoned him in a rented house in Nakaseke village; he tried to look after himself through fetching water and digging in people’s gardens for a petty payment.

Saddam and his sheep provided by Connecting for Change's donation to ACCESSHe however soon fell behind on his monthly rent fees and was later forced out of the house. This forced him to move to his grandmother’s place in Nnongo village where he found five other family members all below the age of 15 years with no steady source of income.

 By the time ACCESS came to his rescue, Saddam had become a child laborer having to do digging in the morning for food at home and in the evening to raise money for school fees. This was very hard for him considering that he had to also walk 5 miles to the nearest school and his grades began to drop.

With the support from C4C and SAWA global, Saddam and his grandmother have chosen to rear sheep with the aim of generating money to buy a bicycle for transportation to school. In addition, Saddam and his family receive medical care from our medical center which helps to keep them health. Plans are underway to support other orphans in the family to go to school.

Stay tuned for the final installment.   



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