Daniel Siegel Fills the House

It was a packed house last night as Dr. Daniel Siegel visited Vancouver for Mindsight: Brain Science and Transformation for You and Your Relationships. Moderator Maria LeRose led an informal conversation with Dr. Siegel that touched on his beginnings in the medical field, his work with Mindsight and how we can use it in our everyday lives.

DLC Founding Director Victor Chan introduced Daniel Siegel

Dr. Siegel shared a story that revealed how British Columbia actually played a significant role in his development as a medical practitioner. While studying at Harvard's medical school, Dr. Siegel was so struck at how little his professors were concerned with the subjective side of medicine, such as feelings or memories, that he decided to drop out and head west.

He travelled through Canada and ended up on Vancouver Island prepared to take on a life of salmon fishing. That is until he met a salmon fisher who shared just how difficult that life could be. Dr. Siegel decided to head back to Harvard at this point, but he was determined not to let his professors stop him from focusing on what he thought was most important - the mind. 

Maria LeRose with Daniel Siegel

Dr. Siegel has since come up with the concept of Mindsight, which he shared with the audience last night. Mindsight, for Dr. Siegel, is about being able to see the mind as well as seeing the mind of others. It means monitoring and modifying how the mind works in a way that leads us towards well-being.

Daniel Siegel filled the house at the Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema at SFU Woodward's

To find out how we can use Mindsight in our everyday life, stay tuned for more from this event, including the complete audio and video podcasts.

For more from Dr. Siegel, visit www.DrDanSiegel.com


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