Heart-Mind 2013: Being Part of a Global Purpose

By Dana Mahon, Founder Child's Pose Yoga

From the moment a volunteer greeted me on the street with a smile and her warmth as I approached the venue for the Heart Mind Conference, I had a feeling it was going to be a beautiful 3 days – and it was. 

As a teacher of yoga and meditation for kids and youth, I spend much of  the time on my own, developing programs, planning details for yoga camps and coming up with ways to spread the word and share my vision of opening a wellness and meditation centre for our young people.  It is rare that I have the privilege of being surrounded with like-minded people (not to mention for 3 days!) who all work so tirelessly to create a more peaceful compassionate world through the teachings of science, mindfulness, breath and presence.  What a gift this was; it was an absolute reaffirmation that what one person does in her own small way makes a difference and is part of a much bigger, global purpose. 

During the opening video for the conference, I was not surprised to discover tears moving from my heart up to my throat, and they visited many times throughout the weekend.  Hearing not only of the commitment and sheer devotion of the researchers, teachers, community members and policy makers but the heart that is such an integral part of this work, was humbling.  Each presenter spoke with passion yet also a softness, as though the room were filled with children whose hearts and minds were listening.  There was a beautiful sense of sharing, openness and genuine desire to change the lives of our young people (and in turn the world) by helping them to ground, find breath and stillness, peace and ease.

In addition to the amazing presentations, stories, mindfulness breaks, MC spots, laughter and silence, the conference organizers had the brilliance of bringing in U X for Good, a team of incredibly talented people whose ‘task’ it was to capture the essence of what lies at the root of this work, how to grow it, and ultimately how to share it with the world.   I had the gift of sharing my story and seeing how committed the team was to supporting us in our visions, both individually and collectively.

As I left the conference, I was wrapped in a warm blanket of hope, trust, belief and a revitalized sense of commitment to my vision and the vision of the Dalai Lama of a more peaceful world.   I was immersed in a feeling of gratitude for having the opportunity to attend and participate and to have found a community of people of which I can be part, who can no doubt change the world. 




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