HEART-MIND 2014: In Your Own Words

This year’s Heart-Mind 2014 conference attendees definitely connected with the importance of Heart-Mind Learning (Social and Emotional Learning) conveying that it is more than just a teachable concept or theory, but a movement. @tjvbeaton tweeted, “...Most powerful conference of my year once again #HeartMind2014”.

@BrendaM_SFU tweets, “Inspired by opening of the DLC Heart Mind Conference #heartmind2014. Resonating strongly with our work in schools on circles & belonging”.  With over 300 attendees, guests felt the mindful, warm and intimate environment, while hearing from talented, insightful speakers and reflecting on the Science of Kindness that nurtures the heart and the mind. 

Throughout voices of compassion, kindness, empathy and mindfulness were practised and inspired. ‏@taletwoteachers tweets, “Emotions running wild at #heartmind2014 for the last hour with Erin Gruwell. Incredible. #sd61learn pic.twitter.com/x7y30he226

People saw that it extended beyond the stage, into workshops, group conversations and new connections between guests.  @ellie_d_grant  as she tweeted: Linda Lantieri I see you, I am here I see you, I am here -being fully present practice #HeartMind2014 We are a circle.  They felt hearts being educated and were able to carry out the true meaning of compassion. @mejianora tweeted that, “Real compassion includes wisdom #HeartMind2014”. Attendees were able to observe in one another that compassion is an act of stepping outside oneself to do something to try and relieve the suffering we recognize in others as it “makes judgements of care and concern” (Greenberg).

Furthermore, the atmosphere extended beyond the emotional inspiration, as conference goers displayed how their minds felt nourished by tweeting some of the well-researched and insightful information, from our speakers.  ‏@SLShortall tweets, “Emotional regulation is the KEY skill that creates resilience -it is the bedrock of human development (Mark Greenberg) #heartmind2014” and “Learning about child development & altruism - egocentrism in early yrs does not equate selfishness (Felix Warneken, Harvard) #heartmind2014”.  Many tweets displayed the enthusiasm for topics including the origin of altruism in toddlers, the developmental changes in the teenage brain, and the unique levels of resiliency in children.

With the Heart Mind conference adjourned until next year, we would like to leave you with one last tweet from @jillianmlewis, in keeping with mindful thought, let’s ask ourselves, “Have I done the inner work necessary to do the outer work I am being asked to do? - Parker Palmer”. 

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