Heart-Mind 2015 In Profile: Hannah Berry

“Even as an 18-year-old I remember a time before smartphones and Facebook. I do feel we have lost a sense of personal connection,” says Hannah Berry. 

Hannah is an award-winning spoken word poet and musician, and is our youngest speaker at Heart Mind 2015. As a recent high-school graduate, Hannah will present her poetry and give her insight into what it means to grow up in the digital and social media world.

“I fear that kids growing up now who have never known a society that is any less technologically oriented will not experience true human connection as much as they should. This is because the best pictures and the most exciting parts of oneself are what most people tend to put online, and it is not reflective of who they truly are.”

As an artist, Hannah has mixed feelings about technology and the rise of social media.  She recognizes that the online world can be a potentially dangerous space if not properly taught how to sift through the information to find fact from fiction.  However, Hannah also sees that it can be an amazing tool to connect with others and has given rise to new communities and collaborations.

Hannah admits that even she has felt overwhelmed by the ever-growing digital and online world.  But she knows how to overcome it by occasionally cutting herself off and being mindful of her situation.  In this way, she is able to clear her head, readjust, and refocus.

Even with the rise of social media and technology, Hannah continues to use spoken word poetry as a means to discuss things that are important to her.  She states that spoken word poetry is something quite rare for her generation to follow and experience and she is privileged to have found it.

“I get inspiration from wherever I can find it. Things I am passionate about, things I find funny or interesting, quotes, people etc. I recently heard someone say that writers block is a myth. You simply have to keep working and looking and thinking and eventually things will flow.”

We invite you to find your own inspiration during Hannah’s presentation, Intronet: Poem for Introverts! Register now for Heart-Mind 2015: Human Connection in a Digital World.

Take a look at Hannah's performance at Pink Shirt Day earlier this year.

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