Heart-Mind 2015 In Profile: Robert Roeser

The digital world is constantly developing and changing, and our children have had the unique opportunity to “grow up online”, and are often more technologically savvy than their adult counterparts. But how has this impacted Generation Y? What role can mindfulness play with the Millennials?  Robert Roeser is a returning presenter at Heart-Mind 2015, and hopes to provide insight into human connection, the online world, and how this relates to the Millennial Generation.


Robert is a Professor of Human Development and Psychology at Portland State University.  His research focuses on identity and learning development in adolescents and young adults, as well as on the professional growth of teachers through mindfulness and compassion, and how that is correlated to the development of students.  Robert’s research supports the fact that consistent practice of the mind can lead to healthier human development.


“It’s like when you go to the gym… when you stop working out do you get to keep those muscles?  And the answer is probably not and we think the same thing [with mindfulness], but nonetheless… in a very small amount of time there can be a benefit that we personally feel through these practices.” – Robert at Heart-Mind 2013


At Heart-Mind 2015, Robert will explore his views and share his vision of how to keep young people and adolescents mindful of what is happening in the present, while navigating a seemingly infinite space of the social and online universe.


You do not want to miss Robert’s inspiring and thought-provoking presentation on October 2nd in Vancouver, "Mindfulness, Media, and the Millennial Generation." Register now for Heart-Mind 2015: Human Connection in a Digital World.


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