Heart-Mind Online Resources: Fostering Gratitude in Children

The Dalai Lama led a gratitude circle with a class of young children in Vancouver in 2014

The New Year is often a time for setting goals and reflecting on the year that has just passed. It is a great opportunity to remember the good things that have happened in one's life recently, and to express gratitude for these things and the people who had a part in them. Showing gratitude helps put us in a positive frame of mind and makes those around us feel good, too.
In fact, gratitude is linked with many physical, social and emotional benefits and is an important skill to foster with children and youth. However, research indicates that, when teaching children gratitude, if the activity is forced or feels like homework, the results fall short of the potential benefits that experiencing gratitude offers.
Here are some Heart-Mind Online lesson plans and activities for home, school, or in the community that can help foster genuine gratitude in the kids in our lives: