What does it mean to be the "happiest man in the world"?

Matthieu Ricard

If you've been reading the DLC blog, you'll know we have said that Matthieu Ricard has been dubbed the "happiest man in the world". However, it appears there is another monk with a rose-tinted view on life who is challenging Ricard for the title.

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, who is featured in this New York Times article, is a monk, a writer, a teacher and a long-time practioner of meditation and positive thinking. He's also the latest to be dubbed the "happiest man in the world". After watching this brief but humorous story of his experience at a wax museum, this claim is not hard to believe.

So, who is the "happiest man in the world?" Ricard? Rinpoche?

We're sure they're both happy to share the title.

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