1. What is the purpose of Dalai Lama’s visit to Vancouver?
    The Dalai Lama will be returning to Vancouver for the fourth time to engage and inspire prominent thought leaders from business, education and the community to “be the village” to expand a focus on heart-mind well-being in children and youth in British Columbia.
  2. Why is the DLC hosting the visit and what is so special about it? 
    During his previous visits to Vancouver, the Dalai Lama challenged British Columbians to advance heart-mind learning in children and youth. Since then, the Center has become a strong voice in promoting “education of the heart,” which results in more peaceful, secure, engaged, and compassionate children. And our Province has become a global leader in incorporating heart-mind learning into school curriculum. The October visit will be both a celebration of BC achievements and a call to all of us to “be the village” that builds a future of resilient and flourishing children.
  3. What is the Heart-Mind Youth Dialogue?
    The Heart-Mind Youth Dialogue at the John Oliver Secondary School will feature the Dalai Lama in dialogue with a group of high-school students from across British Columbia to uncover their personal experiences with heart-mind learning in school. Thousands of students in classrooms and schools across BC will join the event via live streaming. 
  4. What is the Heart-Mind Summit? 
    The Heart-Mind Summit at the Vancouver Convention Centre provides a stage for the Dalai Lama and influential British Columbians – from business, community, education, academic research, and the media – to explore what each of us can do as an individual or as a group to “educate the hearts” of children and youth.
  5. Where will the events be held?
    The Heart-Mind Youth Dialogue will be held at the John Oliver Secondary School in Vancouver. The Heart-Mind Summit will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 
  6. Will I get to meet The Dalai Lama? 
    The Dalai Lama will take part in all public events but there are no scheduled opportunities for members of the general public to meet him in person.
  7. Where can I buy tickets?
    Tickets go on sale at noon on August 28, 2014 via the DLC website www.dalailamacenter.org
  8. How much do the tickets cost? 
    Ticket prices range from $69 to $250 (plus service charge) depending on the seating section. 
  9. Is there a group rate? 
    You can purchase a personal reserved row or a corporate reserved row for 15 people in a specific section with signage indicating the organization that has purchased the row or the name of your choice. For more information, please email tickets(at)dalailamacenter.org with 'reserved row' in the subject line. 
  10. Are there any discounts for students/seniors? 
    A student discount of 10% is available for seating in sections D and E; please bring valid student ID to the event. There are no seniors’ discounts. 
  11. Can I purchase tickets at the venue? 
    Any unsold tickets will be made available at the door before the event. However, we do recommend that you purchase your ticket in advance by going to www.dalailamacenter.org 
  12. Will I have an assigned seat?
    Only personal reserved rows/corporate reserved rows of seats will be assigned. General-admission seats are unassigned.
  13. Will I be able to get a good view of the stage from anywhere?
    The closest seating with the best views will be offered at higher ticket prices. However, to ensure a good view of the stage from all seats, we are providing large overhead screens.
  14. What is your cancellation policy? 
    Tickets are 100% non-refundable. 
  15. What does my ticket include? 
    The ticket includes an event pass and a program. 
  16. How early should I plan to arrive at the event? 
    Doors for the Heart-Mind Summit open at noon, and ticket holders are advised to arrive early to allow for security checks and ensure good seating. 
  17. Will I be able to bring my backpack/water bottle? 
    For security reasons, backpacks, large bags and water bottles are not permitted in the venue. There will be a first-come first-served coat check in the main lobby of the Vancouver Convention Centre. 
  18. Will I be able to bring my camera/video recorder to the event?
    The use of cameras and/or videorecording devices is not allowed. 
  19. Will there be a webcast? 
    Webcasts will be available on the DLC website after the event. 
  20. How can I donate to the event or the DLC? 
    Donations to support the visit or the DLC are welcome and appreciated. For more information, please contact Fiona Douglas-Crampton, DLC President and CEO, by telephone 604-215-2352 ext 1 or by email at fionadc(at)dalailamacenter.org
  21. My business would like to sponsor the event; who can I talk with? 
    For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Fiona Douglas-Crampton, DLC President and CEO, by telephone 604-215-2352 ext 1 or by email at fionadc(at)dalailamacenter.org 
  22. Can I or my organization set up a table at the event/ are there any vending opportunities? 
    Due to space limitations, there won’t be any vending opportunities except for book sales.
  23. Will I be able to buy books authored by the Dalai Lama or other speakers? 
    Books will be available for sale in the lobby courtesy of Banyen Books. 
  24. How can I volunteer? 
    To inquire about volunteer opportunities during the visit, please contact Tamara Cotton at tcotton(at)dalailamacenter.org 
  25. Do you have any jobs available for the visit? 
    We regret to inform you that we do not have any employment or contract opportunities at this time. 
  26. How can the media arrange to cover the event? 
    For all media-related inquiries, please contact media(at)dalailamacenter.org 
  27. Do you have a newsletter so I can learn more? 
    You can sign up to receive regular updates on the visit and other DLC news and events. Please go to the DLC Web site at www.dalailamacenter.org to sign up. 
  28. Where can I stay if I don't live in Vancouver? 
    You can obtain information by visiting www.tourismvancouver.com and www.tourismbc.com