Heart-Mind 2014: FAQ


I'm from out of town. Where can I stay during the Heart-Mind 2014 Conference?
Some options to consider if you are seeking accommodations during the Heart-Mind 2014 Conference:
Carey Centre is on the UBC campus, a five-minute walk from the bus terminal and the student union building at 5920 Iona Drive ( map ). To reserve you may submit an online booking request or call 604.224.4308. 
TRIUMF House is on the UBC campus at 5835 Thunderbird Blvd ( map ). Phone 604.222.7633. 
An off-campus option to consider is Hostelling International at 1515 Discovery St ( map ). Reservations: 1.778.328.2220 or 1.866.762.4122. 
Travel from downtown Vancouver to the UBC campus usually takes only 20 minutes or so, and many accommodation options are available and listed on the Tourism Vancouver website.


What is your cancellation policy?
100% of the registration fee will be refunded upon request, if such request is received prior to Noon Pacific Time, Thursday, April 24, 2014.


What food and beverage is included in the registration package?
No food and beverage is allowed in the Old Auditorium so please arrive early if you wish to enjoy this pre-event service. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon beverage breaks are also scheduled for your enjoyment in the lobby.
A boxed gourmet light lunch will be provided to all 3-day registrants on Friday, and to workshop participants on Saturday. A boxed lunch is not included for small group participants on Saturday, as the small group sessions are scheduled to end by 1:00 PM. 
Vegetarian and gluten-free boxed lunch options will be available. Unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate other dietary preferences. Please email tickets (at) dalailamacenter.org with dietary preferences in the subject line if you have questions.


How do I register for the Heart-Mind 2014 Conference?
The event is on-track to be sold-out with 500 people in attendance, so we highly recommend that you register in advance online with a credit card. You should receive an email confirmation within a few minutes of successful registration.
Where do I check-in upon arrival at the Heart-Mind 2013 Conference?
The lobby and check-in desk in the Old Auditorium open at 5:30 PM on Thursday, May 8th, doors to the seating area open at 6:15 PM and the sessions begin at 7:00 PM. 
Please bring a copy of your registration confirmation to the conference and arrive early to check-in, receive your name badge and select your seat


Can you provide more detailed information about the conference schedule?
The web page will be updated as more detailed information is available and, closer to the conference opening date, an information package will be emailed to all registrants.


How will I choose the small group sessions that I wish to attend?
Upon check-out you will be asked to select your preference to attend a specific small group. Due to the limited seats per group we cannot guarantee that your preference will be available.


How do I choose the workshop option?
In lieu of attending the Small Group, Big Conversations on Saturday, May 10th, 3-day package registrants may register in advance for a special interest workshop. If you select the workshop option during registration you will be asked to state a workshop preference during the checkout process. We will contact you to confirm the availability of your preferred workshop by early May. 
Please note that workshops will require a minimum of 10 registrants. 
Can I change my preference for a workshop?
We will do our best to accommodate your change requests, but due to the popularity of these workshops and the limited seats available, you may not be able to switch to the workshop option, or change your workshop selection once your original workshop selection has been confirmed. 



Are any discounts or special pricing packages available?
Beginning April 1st, a discount of $40 per registration is available if you register 5 or more people on a single order with payment by credit card. 
Currently, no other discount or special pricing is available. The Dalai Lama Center continues to seek sponsorship and donations that may allow us to offer scholarships or other special pricing but we have not secured such to date.
Please email tickets (at) dalailamacenter.org  with 'pricing' in the subject line if you wish to be notified should additional information on this topic become available.


I can't attend the whole conference. Are tickets for individual events available?
Tickets for individual days/events are not currently on-sale. If unsold seats remain in early May, tickets for individual days/events may become available. Please email tickets (at) dalailamacenter.org with 'single events' in the subject line if you wish to be notified should such tickets become available.


What taxi services are available?
Taxi service from downtown Vancouver to the UBC Point Grey Campus (where the Heart-Mind 2013 Conference will be held) usually costs about $30. Travel time is usually about 20 minutes. Options for taxi service include:
Black Top Cabs at 604.731.1111
Yellow Cab at 604.681.1111
Maclure's Cabs at 604.831.1111
Which public transit bus do I take?
Translink provides public bus services in metro Vancouver. Bus routes #044 and #014 are some of the most convenient from downtown Vancouver. Travel time is usually about 30 minutes. Visit the Translink web page for details on these and other routes. The buses unload at the UBC Loop which is approximately 0.77 km or 1/2 mile across campus from the conference venue.
If driving, one of the nearest campus parking facilities is the Fraser River Parkade, located at 6440 Memorial Dr (entrance located on south side of Memorial Rd across from the Asian Centre). More information about parking on campus can be found at UBC Parking.

How do I find my way around campus?

Visit UBC wayfinding for information about the campus. The Thursday night session and all Friday sessions will be held in the Old Auditorium (also referred to as 'the Auditorium') on the UBC Point Grey campus.
6344 Memorial Rd
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC    V6T 1Z2 
On Saturday, the small group sessions and workshops will be held in Buchanan Building (blocks A, B and D).