September 8, 2006

  • If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. The Dalai Lama shared the Orpheum stage in the morning with nine high school students from the Lower Mainland. He listened to the students' personal stories of acts of compassion and courage and answered questions from them and other students from locations across British Columbia. This is one of the few times the Dalai Lama has shared the stage solely with students. more

  • Love and compassion are beneficial both for you and for others. Through your kindness toward others, your mind and heart will open to peace. more

September 9, 2006

  • The basic sources of happiness are a good heart, compassion and love. If we have these mental attitudes, even if we are surrounded by hostility, we feel little disturbance. On the other hand, if we lack compassion and our mental state is filled with anger or hatred we will not have peace.The Dalai Lama engages in dialogue with leading experts on the topic of understanding how positive and negative emotions influence mind and body. The Dalai Lama begins by providing an overview of happiness and then engages in dialogue with scientists about strategies for improving our understanding of ‘happiness’ and the application of scientific findings to real life events.  more

  • Love, compassion, and concern for others are real sources of happiness.The Dalai Lama will present a public talk in the late afternoon at GM Place entitled “Cultivating Happiness”. During the talk, he will discuss the causes and conditions for hapiness and provide guidance on developing an authentic sense of well-being that is not dependent on external circumstances.  more