Balanced Leadership with Laurie Anderson and Kim Hudson

Life presents us with three archetypal journeys: to take up our power, to use our power well with others, or to release our power for the greater good. As well, these journeys have both a feminine and masculine path, one driving toward passion, the other away from fear. Understanding and attending to these archetypal energies can fundamentally impact people and organizations. As a leader you are summoned to understand these journeys, to transform yourself and those you work with.

Engage in a stimulating learning environment that includes seminars, discussions, creative activities, and guided reflection to gain:
  • New tools for workplace success using archetypal theory
  • Increased understanding of feminine and masculine styles of leadership
  • Fresh insights into people's motivations
  • Deeper understanding of group dynamics
  • Expanded personal power as a leader
Designed for leaders in private and public organizations as well as individuals who would like to take up and use their power effectively in their personal lives, this workshop draws upon psychological theory, neuroscience, mythology, film, and practical examples.
Kim Hudson and Laurie Anderson have teamed up to adapt and expand Kim's book on feminine story structure to the field of leadership. Drawing on Laurie's 25 years of leadership training and development in Canada and Asia, and senior leadership positions, including Executive Director of SFU's Vancouver campus, and Kim's experience in story structure analysis, policy development, and First Nation Land Claim negotiations, they have developed a compelling new model for leadership.
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