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The Haven Communication Toolkit: Building Clarity and Connection


Communicating should be simple. Say what's on your mind; listen to the other person. So why can it be such a challenge? How do our best intentions get caught up in spiralling misunderstandings? Join us for a fun and interactive look at how we can trip ourselves up in communication, and how we can do it differently.


The Haven Relationship Toolkit: Deepening Connection


It starts out innocent enough... a simple misunderstanding, hardly worth mentioning; a slight difference of opinion; another's habits that go from amusing to annoying. Before we know it we are in the middle of a stand-off with no idea how we got here or how we get out!


This one-day presentation will offer valuable insights into how we get stuck in our relationships, and practical ways to un-stick and re-connect.


2015 Dates:


Apr 18-19 in Vancouver with 
Toby Macklin and Jennifer Hilton
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   April 18 - The Communication Toolkit
   April 19 - The Relationship Toolkit

Location: Room 2945, Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre located at 515 West Hastings Street, near Richards Street. 

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