Q & A - Dr. Clyde Hertzman Talks Heart-Mind Learning

Dalai Lama Center

with Dr. Clyde Hertzman on Nov 22

The Dalai Lama Center’s Educating the Heart Series lecture series continues on November 22 with an appearance by Dr. Clyde Hertzman, Director of UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP). Dr. Hertzman spoke to the DLC to discuss his talk and some of the many facets of Heart-Mind learning. 

DLC: Can you give us a preview of your November 22 talk?

Dr. Hertzman: The focus of the lecture will be to explain the importance of having a population-based heart-mind index, why a focus on the early years is an essential complement to a school age focus and explain why the 'new science of Early Childhood Development' demands a global focus on social-emotional development. I'll look at how 'heart-mind education' supports life course mental health and how 'heart-mind education' is essential to face up to the key challenge of the 21st century.

DLC: How would you classify the current state of child development in Canada?

Dr. Hertzman: I would say that, although Canada has done a great deal to understand the importance of the early years, and this knowledge has penetrated to Canadian society, it is still seen as being a problem for parents to address, and not something for collective action. Having said that, each provincial jurisdiction in Canada is trying to find ways to improve investments in the early years during an era of fiscal restraint.  There is also a pan-Canadian consensus on approaching mental health issues from a life course perspective.  But, in the end, Canada’s investments in the early years are still miniscule compared to most other wealthy societies.

DLC: Ultimately, who is responsible for a child's heart-mind learning?

Dr. Hertzman: Virtually by definition, this needs to be a shared priority among all the influential people that children encounter in their pre-school and school years.

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7:00pm - 9:00pm
SFU Segal Graduate School of Business

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