Heart-Mind Newsletter: New Heart-Mind Online Resource, Upcoming Workshops in March, and Schools' Out HMWB Training

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A new Heart-Mind Online resource to help young people achieve their goals, our upcoming workshops in March, and finally information about our Schools' Out Heart-Mind Well-Being training developed in partnership with the United Way of the Lower Mainland. 

Helping Young People Achieve Their Goals

In our latest resource, Helping Young People Achieve Their Goals on Heart-Mind Online, we highlight new insights from neuroscience which suggest that one simple activity can help children and youth increase the strength of the part of their brain that allows them to stay on-track and focused on their goals, even in the face of distractions. The secret to boosting our children’s ability to stay on-track with their goals may lie in how a tiny region in the front of our brains evolved differently from monkeys hundreds of thousands of years ago – the frontopolar cortex.

Check out the
resource to explore easy ways that children and youth can manage multiple goals more efficiently and stay motivated in the face of challenges.


We have two upcoming events in March. The first is our workshop "A Focus on Adolescence" on March 6th. In this workshop we share current research, scientific knowledge, best practices and practical strategies related to the promotion of social and emotional development in teens. The workshop is designed for adults who care for or work with teens. This workshop has proven to be very popular and sold out that last time we ran it! 
"Fantastic workshop. Well presented and facilitator's expertise showed.
Well done!"  ~ Recent workshop participant 

The second is our "Caring For You Workshop" on March 12th. We know from research that it is essential we take care of ourselves and foster our own well-being so that we have the capacity to nurture it in the children in our lives. Research also shows that is possible to foster positive human qualities such as self-compassion, happiness and gratitude all of which contribute to our well-being. We will explore these and other self-care strategies and practices including breathing exercises and mindfulness practice. Participants will also have an opportunity for self reflection and to identify ways of integrating Heart-Mind well-being in their lives. 


Heart-Mind Well-Being: A Focus on Adolescence Workshop
March 6th,  2019   10am - 1pm

Caring For You Workshop
March 12th,  2019   10am- 1pm


The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education
Floor 9, The Boardroom
1500 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6

The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education
Floor 9, The Boardroom
1500 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6

Register Now: A Focus on Adolescence Workshop
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In partnership with the United Way, the DLC has designed a comprehensive social and emotional pilot training program for Schools' Out (SO) staff- a unique cohort who are well-positioned to influence the social-emotional development of children during critical after-school hours.

Over the last couple of months we have delivered three fun, engaging and evidence informed workshops for SO supervisory staff with very positive results. The workshops each focus on one of the five areas of the Heart-Mind Well-Being framework. So far in the workshops we have explored: Secure and Calm, Compassionate and Kind, and Gets Along with Others. 

We were delighted to receive such a considerable investment from the United Way for this initiative and Maggie Karpilovsky from the UW recently presented a cheque to the DLC.
Gemma Holland (DLC), Maggie Karpilovsky (UWLM) and Kareen Hudson (DLC)
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