Upcoming Heart-Mind Live Webinar on Feb 15, 2023- "The Joy of Movement and Well-Being with Kelly McGonigal"

Join us and best-selling author, psychologist and TED speaker Kelly McGonigal at our next Heart-Mind Live webinar on February 15. Let Kelly inspire you to harness the power of movement to increase happiness, resilience, and well-being in the lives of adults (you!) and children you care about.

People who are physically active are not only physically healthier, they also have a stronger sense of purpose and experience more gratitude, love, and hope in their lives. They're able to handle stress effectively and feel more capable of facing challenges. They also feel connected to their communities and are less likely to suffer from loneliness or become depressed. These benefits are seen throughout the lifespan and around the world.

In this webinar, Kelly draws on insights from neuroscience and psychology to practically explore how and why physical activity promotes resilience, belonging, and even meaning in one's life. From biological benefits such as how exercise remodels the brain to make us more receptive to joy and social connection, to how movement can empower identity, self-expression, and self-confidence, this webinar will move and inspire a holistic journey of well-being for adults, children and communities.

Kelly will share practical guidelines for maximizing these benefits, taking into consideration current activity level or challenges, and making movement part of your life in accessible, manageable ways. The most important things adults can do to inspire a love of movement in children and youth will also be highlighted.

Get your tickets now at https://thejoyofmovementandHMWB.eventbrite.ca

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