Heart of Rocks: No Change Too Small

We have seen some pretty significant impacts in the year following the Summit. Mary Tidlund and Janice Levine took on a project to deliver medical supplies to Uganda. Susan Davis has committed to help spreading social-emotional learning in Asia and Africa. And Sarah Murray has decided to volunteer abroad and create change across the globe.

However, change need not be large to make a difference. Gloria Fester of Milden, Saskatchewan had her own way of taking her Summit experience and putting it into action. She created a rock garden in the shape of a heart.

"As a memory of the Peace Summit, especially of the Educating the Heart discussion, I used stones and made a heart shape in my flower garden and filled it with red and white flowers," says Gloria.

Gloria, who also bought the DVD collection of the four Summit dialogues, has been spreading the Summit message not only in her garden, but also in her community.

"I was greatly inspired and overwhelmed by the positive energy I felt during the presentations.  I have inspired others to listen to the panel discussions on DVD," she says.

"I am searching for other ways to spread the word for a more peaceful and compassionate world.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama is such a positive person and I loved listening to what all the panelists had to say."

Gloria did have one complaint, however.

"The time went by too fast!"

Here are a few picture of Gloria's rock garden.