6 Steps to Build Kindness and Resilience in Children with Dan Siegel

Dr. Dan Siegel offers some revolutionary strategies when it comes to developing the child's mind. Check out below the 6 steps he provides to build kindness and resilience in children. (Follow the links at the end of each video to view the next step)

Chapter 1: The Opportunity to Build the Circuits of Kindness and Resilience

Chapter 2: How to Successfully Build an "Integrated" Child

Chapter 3: Connecting to Calm

Chapter 4: "Being" Versus "Doing" With Your Child

Chapter 5: "Flipping Your Lid:" A Scientific Explanation

Chapter 6: Use Mindsight to Nurture a Shy Child




Thank you

Your message is so needed and appreciate by me!


Ingrid Johnson


Love Dr. Siegal's work, he is such an inspiration.  Thank you for posting this.



resilience and kids

Thank you for a really great series.  I loved that it was broken into units - and of course, I watched all of them!  Very nicely done.  Thanks for all your great work. 

Connie in Cleveland

Building neurocirc for kindness and resilience

Superbly explained cultivation of compassion in all humans.
Srishti Nigam , MD,psychotherapist in Canada
My gratitude and Kudos to you.

6 Steps

Excelent presentation that ilustrated with examples what I can read in the book about Kindness and resiliance.

Mario Cepeda


I have your books Mindsight, Parenting from the Inside Out and The Whole-Brain Child.  The Whole-Brain Child helped me more fully understand the information in the other two books.  I use your wisdom in my therapy work with clients.  These videos further illuminated my understanding of the concepts you use...thank you!  Your work has helped me both professionally and personally.  

Judith, BC, Canada 

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