Colombia rebels' hostage recalls friendship with wild pig

Sgt. Jose Libardo Forero, who was freed by FARC rebels in April, says Josefo, a little wild pig he kept as a pet, helped keep him sane during his jungle ordeal.

LA Times - May 22, 2012

More than just heart-warming, this story may provide a glimpse into aspects of our basic human nature which sometimes is most clearly revealed during extreme circumstances.  In the article, Forero reported, "You learn in captivity you can take anything difficult and turn it into something positive.  Letting rancor build up, you become bitter and intolerant".  The article also highlights the universal human need for connection with another being - even an animal - as Forero states, "...we all need to give and receive affection".  He also identified an increased ability to empathize with others as a result of his situation.  Worth the read.

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." 

- Kahlil Gibran



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