DLC Pilots Heart-Mind Index in Seven Communities

And so begins a new learning journey at the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education. On board with the Human Early Learning Partnership and seven committed community groups, the Heart-Mind Index Pilot Project was launched at a symposium in September. As the Community Developer for this project, I am thrilled to learn alongside these communities and feel deeply privileged to be a part of the sustained effort to educate the hearts of children. The Heart-Mind Index  is a population monitoring tool (not an individual assessment) that shines a light on the Heart-Mind well-being of populations of children. The Index measures Heart-Mind well-being according to these five positive human qualities.

Over the next 6 months, the pilot community groups will be introducing the concept of Heart-Mind well-being and the Heart-Mind Index results to the people and organizations that are ready to embrace the information and make positive change for children. The pilot communities have been chosen to represent a range of geography, culture, socio-economics and groups with varying members or sectors.

It was with commitment and passion that the individuals representing the seven community groups gathered in a 2 day symposium. As each participant shared why Heart-Mind well-being and the Heart-Mind Index held such resonance for them, I was struck with how fortunate we are to have access to research that fortifies the intentions of such heart-felt people towards positive change.

Here are a few quotes from participants during the Heart-Mind Index symposium:

“There is a deep cultural connection with using the heart along with the mind.”

“We need to build a groundswell. How do we do the work, bring this alive and make it grow?”

 “This is bringing good research to the community and it is a shift from vulnerability to a strengths-based approach. “

“This is a huge opportunity to change the face of education. Change is already happening and we can help build the momentum.”

At the DLC, we are rolling up our sleeves and working with each of the pilot communities groups to learn how they make meaning of the Heart-Mind Index and stimulate concrete action to improve the Heart-Mind well-being of children. In the process of testing the use of the HMI in their communities, the pilot community groups will be paving the path for a wider roll out of the HMI results.

The learning will inform DLC’s approach when sharing the HMI with other community groups in the Spring of 2014. At that time, thanks to the efforts of the pilot community groups, the DLC will have developed tools and resources that will best support the effective use of the Heart-Mind Index.


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