Ed Thomas and Family: Story of Perseverance and Forgiveness

On May 25, 2008, a tornado blew through Parkersburg, Iowa and destroyed half the town. As the longtime coach of the local high school football team, Ed Thomas knew how important football was to the community and he went straight to work on repairing the field that was lost in the storm. After a few months, the team was back on the playing field in time for the next season. While this story of perseverance is inspiring in itself, it's what followed that really shines a light on the goodness that exists in the human spirit.

A little over a year after the tornado hit the town, Parkersburg, still recovering, received another blow. Coach Ed Thomas was murdered in the high school weight room by a former player who was suffering from mental illness. This short documentary from Scott Duncan tells the amazing story of forgiveness from the Thomas family following the coach's death.



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