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Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2010-11-17 13:21

Yesterday, Clyde Hertzman, Canada's health researcher of the year and Vancouver Peace Summit participant was honoured with a $500,000 award for his work on early childhood development. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2010-11-16 10:23

You are invited to the live webcast of a special TED Prize event celebrating the Charter for Compassion at the United Nations on November 18, 2010, 8:00am – 10:00pm (PST). more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2010-11-15 11:11

During the first day of the three-day 11th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Hiroshima, Japan, His Holiness the Dalai Lama talks about the responsibility of the younger generations' to promote dialogue in solving conflict. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2010-11-10 11:52

On Monday, the Dalai Lama Center welcomed Mary Gordon and Brenda Morrison to speak in Vancouver at a special event held at the Harbour Centre.The theme of the night was the power of empathy, particularly in child development, but in the development of the world as well. As Mary says: “war really is the extreme example of the failure of empathy.” more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2010-11-08 10:08

Schools measure outcomes that they care about. Mary Gordon believes we only measure what we treasure, and unfortunately children’s social and emotional literacy have not made the agenda for most education systems. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2010-11-03 13:32

NOVEMBER 3, 2010 - The Dalai Lama Center invites you to join Mary Gordon on Monday, November 8 as she shares the opportunities and challenges of bringing the power of empathy to children. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2010-11-01 10:53

Sir Ken Robinson took to his webcam to respond to some questions posed to him on Twitter. In this video, he answers some questions about whether or not we can assess creativity.  more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2010-10-28 11:08

The Fetzer Institute is an organization that engages with people and projects around the world to help bring the power of love, forgiveness, and compassion to the center of individual and community life. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2010-10-27 08:33

In September, the Dalai Lama Center welcomed Lynn Green to the organization. As the Center's new President and CEO, Lynn brings with her a passion for teaching and lifelong learning, social emotional development of children and youth, organizational and social change and community building. She has worked as an educator and administrator in public education for over forty years. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2010-10-25 10:07

With the Dalai Lama in Toronto this past weekend, the editors of the Toronto Star invited His Holiness to be a special guest editor for their latest issue. Here is a short clip documenting the process. more