Heart-Mind 2018: Take Care Of Yourself (archived)

Heart-Mind 2018: Take Care of Yourself explored how self-acceptance, being kind to ourselves, and connection improves our well-being, and makes it possible for us to be more present and caring for the children and adults in our lives. The conference brought together leading minds that shared the latest science and practice of well-being in the context of education, parenting, mental health and more!  Participants enjoyed rich opportunities to connect with others, learn, laugh, be inspired, and experience some sparks that help ignite our own journey to well-being.

Maria LeRose returned as conference Moderator. Keynote Presenters included: Patricia Jennings, Dan Siegel, Rick Hanson, Chastity Davis, and Kimberly Schonert-Reichl.

The first day featured presentations by scientists, educators, community and workplace leaders who focused on the key ingredients of well-being for individuals and organizations. Some questions we explored:

How does Mindfulness promote well-being?
What can schools, workplaces and communities do to support individuals to take care of themselves?
How do qualities such as gratitude, kindness and forgiveness lead to happiness?
Can we hardwire our brains to cultivate well-being? 

In addition to Keynote presenters, there were performances and presentations, Mindful Moments, and “Reflect and Connect” breaks.

On the second day of the conference, after a morning plenary session, participants had the choice of taking part in either a Big Conversation, Small Group session or an in-depth Workshop where they learnt hands-on strategies that encourage and guide self-care and well-being.