Parent and Caregiver Workshop

Workshop Description

Are you a parent or caregiver interested in learning the latest research on how to foster children’s social emotional development and Heart-Mind well-being?

Would you like to learn and practice ways to foster the development of positive human qualities such as compassion, kindness, and gratitude in your own life and the lives of children?

Grounded in DLC's Heart-Mind Well-Being framework, this practical and interactive workshop provides an opportunity for participants to explore effective strategies to nurture their own Heart-Mind well-being while bringing attention to the ways adult well-being influences overall child well-being.  By exploring latest research in social emotional development, self care strategies, including mindfulness and breathing activities, as well as personal experiences as parents or caregivers, participants will be supported in identifying ways to enhance their own Heart-Mind well-being and that of the children in their lives.
Heart-Mind well- being is the term used by the Dalai Lama Center for Peace + Education (DLC) to refer to creating a balance between educating the mind and educating the heart. While there is a great focus in our society on academic achievement, research has demonstrated the positive impacts of social and emotional learning and, in fact, that heart and mind learning are interconnected.

Workshop Objectives

1.Familiarize participants with the Heart-Mind Well-Being Framework.

2. Explore effective strategies to nurture the Heart-Mind well-being of parents and caregivers while bringing attention to the ways adult well-being influences overall child well-being. 

3. Increase awareness of latest research in social emotional development and self care strategies for parent/caregivers, including mindfulness, compassion, gratitude and kindness.

4. Based on personal experience as parent and/or caregiver, explore the practical application of HMWB concepts in a fun and supportive group environment.

Length of Time

Virutal Workshop: 2 hours

In-Person Workshop: 3 hours (the length of the workshop can be adapated if required)

Intended Audience

Parents and Caregivers