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Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2011-08-06 17:36

The Dalai Lama Center, through the Center for the Advancement of Heart-Mind Education (CAHME), is introducing a new initiatve with the central purpose of promoting and supporting the “heart-mind” learning of children and youth. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2011-07-27 16:40

To get a preview of Sir Ken Robinson's August 25 event, Educating the Heart and Mind, check out his 2006 TED Talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity?  more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2011-07-25 16:25

In this video, you'll see Sir Ken Robinson in animated form. Sir Ken gave a talk at the RSA and they translated it into a visual recording.  more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2011-07-19 12:21

Here’s a great success story. In 2010, the Dalai Lama Center teamed up with Dr. Robert Kalyesubula and Dr. Janice Levine for a special project that would bring essential medical equipment from North America to Uganda. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2011-06-15 07:26

Last month, the Dalai Lama Center concluded its spring Speakers Series. With six different speakers, each with a unique background and perspective, we saw many variations on the theme of "Living Compassion Inside and Out." From the home to the classroom to the office, we explored the countless ways we can bring compassion into our lives. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2011-06-06 10:59

His Holiness the Dalai Lama's interview on Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman, recorded in Dallas, Texas, on May 10, 2011 and broadcast on the Public Broadcasting System in the USA on June 2, 2011. Video courtesy of Ideas in Action. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2011-05-20 10:00

In this video from GenConnect, Dalai Lama Center founding director Victor Chan discusses the importance of educating the heart.  more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2011-05-19 11:57

On May 10, Daniel Siegel visited Vancouver for the closing event to the Dalai Lama Center's spring Speakers Series. The theme to these events has been "Living Compassion Inside and Out" and his discussion on Mindsight was very much on key. For Dr. Siegel, once we see the mind (inside...) we can have more healthy relationships with others (...and out). more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2011-05-10 22:10

It was a packed house last night as Dr. Daniel Siegel visited Vancouver for Mindsight: Brain Science and Transformation for You and Your Relationships. Moderator Maria LeRose led an informal conversation with Dr. Siegel that touched on his beginnings in the medical field, his work with Mindsight and how we can use it in our everyday lives. more