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Posted by Andrea Poile on 2012-08-20 15:36

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to be doing a series about my experience at the Omega Institute, where I was fortunate enough to participate in the Mindfulness in Education Conference and Teacher Training. more

Posted by Martin Phillips-Hing on 2012-08-20 12:52

What if your health as an adult was shaped by your experiences as a child? A study takes a look at how our mental health as youth can influence our physical health as adults.  more

Posted by Andrea Poile on 2012-08-17 12:21

Since I’m new on the scene, I thought it might be nice to start off with an introduction. I’m Andrea, one of the bloggers at the Dalai Lama Center. You may have unwittingly read some of my earlier posts, but because I managed to avoid completely embarrassing myself thus far (fingers crossed) the fine folk at the DLC have allowed me to emerge from my veil of anonymity. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2012-08-09 15:04

What if we could train traits that are fundamental to a child's capacity to learn and even to succeed in life? Ingrid Wickelgren and Kim Schonert-Reichl on On Point with NPR talk about the importance of social and emotional learning.  more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2012-07-19 11:16

Human evolution studies need to consider both kindly ape and violent chimp, researchers say.Vancouver Sun, June 14, 2012 more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2012-07-09 10:25

A 70-year-old former nun is using grandmotherly love to transform some of Ecuador's toughest streets. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2012-07-06 08:12

Today is not only the 77th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, but, for the first time, an international day to celebrate and promote compassion. more

Posted by Dalai Lama Center on 2012-07-05 09:45

Sgt. Jose Libardo Forero, who was freed by FARC rebels in April, says Josefo, a little wild pig he kept as a pet, helped keep him sane during his jungle ordeal.LA Times - May 22, 2012 more