About Us

In June 2012, the Dalai Lama Center launched a bold new vision: A vibrant culture of peace and dialogue where caring communities nurture compassionate, thriving, socially-responsible children who rise to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.

To achieve this vision the Dalai Lama Center is focusing on programs that EDUCATE, CONVENE, ADVISE and apply RESEARCH. The DLC is working with leaders in education, science, government, business and philanthropy who understand the value of advancing heart-mind well-being. 
By using local, regional, national and international connections, the Dalai Lama Center is helping to share evidence-based practice and encourage collaboration. In short, it’s a strategy of supporting, encouraging and leading a rising tide of awareness and action toward educating the hearts of children. 
For British Columbia to realize its role as a model of how caring communities can raise compassionate children, we need to EDUCATE the adults who care for or about children with scientifically proven practices and emerging research on social and emotional learning.
The DLC is creating powerful change methodologies that encourage community influencers, thought leaders and communities to CONVENE toward advancing the social and emotional development of children. 
The DLC is being invited to ADVISE community leaders and agencies interested in change processes that support educating the heart as a fundamental part of systems change.
Connecting RESEARCH and evidence-based practice is the touchstone for every program activity that the Dalai Lama Center participates in. It ensures that investments of resources are based on reliable deliverables that educate the hearts of children.