About the Heart-Mind Conference

What is the Heart-Mind Conference?

The Heart-Mind Conference brings together leaders in contemplative practice and the science of child development, with parents, grandparents, educators, coaches, health and wellness practitioners and policy makers – all those who care for and about children.

Through engaging talks, activities and workshops, the goal of the conference is to give the adults who surround children the tools and strategies they need to help those children - and themselves - thrive.

These tools are supported by scientific evidence and can be used in the classroom, at home, on the playground - in any environment where children learn.

Children face bullying, anxiety, self-doubt, isolation and many other struggles everyday. These tools help parents and educators support children through these struggles. 


Heart-Mind 2014

Speakers at Heart-Mind 2014 included Mark Greenberg, Erin Gruwell, Felix Warneken, Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, Linda Lantieri, Chief Robert Joseph and Daniel Goleman.

The theme of this year's conference was the Science of Kindness. Specific topics included:

  • Do we need to teach children to be empathic? Or are they born with an innate ability? 
  • Are differences among children's empathy and kindness a result of hereditary factors, or how children are raised? 
  • What can we do to cultivate empathy & kindness and reduce bullying? 
  • What impact does the use of technology and social media have on empathy and acts of kindness? 
  • Can mindfulness promote compassion and empathy? 
  • Is there a connection between exposure to nature and the development of empathy and kindness?


Why do we do it?

Around the world there is a growing recognition of the importance of Heart-Mind well-being for children. Teachers and parents, and many community organizations, are increasingly aware that we must balance the education of the mind with an education of the heart.

And we now know - through scientific research - that by providing children with safe and caring environments and nurturing relationships we help them develop empathy, kindness and altruism, confidence and the ability to manage strong emotions  - all skills children need to thrive both in school and later in life.