Heart-Mind 2014 Presentations

Mark Greenberg
Cultivating Compassion

What are the roots of kindness and compassion? How do these qualities develop as children and youth mature? What can communities, schools, teachers, and parents do to nurture these essential qualities, which are crucial for a caring, healthy, vital community?

Felix Warneken
The Roots of Altruism

Are children born with an inclination to be altruistic, or do they need to be taught? In his research lab at Harvard University Dr. Warneken observes toddlers, and his findings challenge a widely held belief that young children are driven mainly by selfishness.

Kimberly Schonert-Reichl
The Hidden Power of Kindness

For over 10 years, Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl has studied kindness in children. Through her unique lens as a former teacher, a parent and a scientist, she shares insights about how we can motivate children towards acts of kindness.

Thomas Boyce
The Orchid Child and the Science of 

Dr. Boyce highlights how sensitive children thrive in highly supportive environments, whereas more resilient children seem to thrive in many circumstances. 

Linda Lantieri
Nurturing the Inner Lives of Adults

Last year at Heart-Mind 2013, Linda Lantieri captured our hearts and minds with her talk about how integrating mindfulness into their lives can help adults to build inner resilience in children. This year Linda focused on practical strategies for adults to help them be even more present and positive in the lives of children.

Chief Robert Joseph
Children are the Now

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph provides an emotional anchor to the conference. Kindness is deeply embedded in his culture. Kindness is evident in rites of passage and the themes of everyday lives.