Lynn Miller

Worries and Woes - Preventing and Identifying Anxiety in Children

Is your child more shy or anxious than other children his or her age? Is your child more worried than other children? How do you coax your shy child out of his shell? In her talk, Dr Miller shows how  to recognize anxiety in children and employ preventative and remedial techniques. Anxiety disorders are the most common form of psychological problems reported by children, adolescents, and adults, and can interfere significantly with leading a happy life. Studies have shown that up to 10 per cent of kindergarten-aged children suffer from an anxiety disorder – a rate that jumps to more than 15 per cent of high-school students. Left unchecked, anxiety disorders in young children may lead to educational problems and increased risk of substance abuse, depression and other mental-health problems down the road. Teaching young children how to manage anxiety increases their chances of building a positive self identity. As early as kindergarten, they can learn skills to cope with anxiety.