Dr. Lynn D. Miller is an Associate Professor in the Education, Counselling Psychology and Special Education department at UBC.  She is also the lead of UBC’s Anxiety Projects Lab.  Her research interests focus on early intervention and anxiety disorders prevention.    
Awarded for both her work as a counsellor and teacher, Dr. Miller began her career as a classroom teacher and school counsellor.  She is the recipient of major research grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Canada Foundation for Innovation fund.  Her work includes evaluations of school-based anxiety prevention programmes and the development of early screening tools.
She is a consultant to the FRIENDS program, an evidence-based curriculum founded on cognitive behaviour principles, targeting anxiety in all grade 4-5 students in BC.  In addition to her academic work, she is President of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada 2010-2013 and on the scientific advisory board of Anxiety BC.  She is also the author of numerous government reports.