Morrison, Brenda. Restoring Safe School Communities: A Whole School Response to Bullying, Violence and Alienation. Federation Press, 2007.

In Restoring Safe School Communities, author Brenda Morrison proposes responsive and restorative practices to counter problems of bullying and violence in schools and to build safer school communities. Morrison introduces a whole school approach with three levels of practice.  Morrison explains the thinking behind the suggested responses and shows how they can be implemented by practices such as a responsible citizen program and restorative justice circles and conferences.

Journal Articles

Morrison, Brenda. Bullying and Victimisation in Schools: A Restorative Justice Approach. Australian Institute of Criminology, 2002.

Bullying at school causes enormous stress for many children and their families, and has long-term effects. Early intervention has been advocated as the most appropriate way to prevent bullying. This paper outlines a framework based on restorative justice principles aimed at bringing about behavioural change for the individual while keeping schools and communities safe.