Emotional Alchemy. (2002). In this dialogue, Goleman and his partner, Tara Bennett-Goleman, explore schemas and relate how to use emotional alchemy to change shadows and confusion of the mind into clarity and how to use mindful investigation to see things as they are rather than as we think they are. Their own relationship has grown more loving because of the schema work they have been doing.

Educating Hearts and Minds: An Interview with George Lucas. (2007). Lucas and Goleman discuss the many ways that social and emotional learning enhance the education process. In this dialogue, Goleman and Lucas investigate project-based curricula that use high technology to excite and motivate students. They explain why social intelligence and critical thought are necessary skills for the 21st century and how cultivating these abilities in school unlocks students' inherent love of learning. Transcript here.

Wired to Connect: Dialogues on Social Intelligence. (2007). The series explores how the social brain interacts with the virtual world and why we have our best interactions face-to-face and more destructive interactions through email. Titles include:
• Better Parents, Better Spouses, Better People, a dialogue with Daniel J. Siegel
• Training the Brain: Cultivating Emotional Skills, a dialogue with Richard Davidson
• Knowing Our Emotions, Improving Our World, a dialogue with Paul Ekman
• The Inner Compass for Ethics and Excellence, a dialogue with Naomi Wolf
• Socially Intelligent Computing, a dialogue with Clay Shirky
• Rethinking Education, a dialogue with George Lucas
• Good Work: Aligning Skills and Values, a dialogue with Howard Gardner

Ecological Awareness: Dialogues on Ecological Intelligence. (2007). Goleman talks strategy with leading thinkers through the life cycle of Ecological Intelligence—from its roots in the deep interconnection of human and planetary health, to our emerging power as consumers to know and guide the ecological impact of corporate practice, to the evolving practices of business leaders in order to prosper and flourish in this new, radically transparent climate. Titles include:
• Buyosphere: The Consumer Awareness Revolution, a dialogue with Dara O'Rourke, Ph.D.
• Radical Transparency: How Business Can Leverage Consumer Climate Change, a dialogue with Greg Norris, Ph.D.
• Environmental Health, Human Healing, a dialogue with Michael Lerner, Ph.D.

The Social Brain. Goleman discusses how people develop different levels of empathy.